This roadmap aims to showcase the process towards the adoption of the CEDAW GR39. We applaud efforts made by several Indigenous Women's organizations and stakeholders in achieving this milestone even though it is not explicit in this roadmap.


The Permanent Forum adopts a specific recommendation for CEDAW to pay special attention to Indigenous Women’s issues, as a result of Indigenous Women’s advocacy during the session.


International meeting for the analysis and deepening of CEDAW, where the initiative of a General Recommendation for Indigenous Women was validated.

Colectiva Ixpop was part of the International Meeting for the analysis and deepening of CEDAW together with organizations such as Sinergia Noj and Tzununija, where they also presented and validated the initiative to ask the CEDAW Committee for a General Recommendation for Indigenous Women.


FIMI did a consultation, and submitted a political statement and formal letter to CEDAW expert’s members.


IXPOP submitted a formal request for the promotion of the General Recommendation to the CEDAW Committee.


– Dissemination during the International Political, Cultural and Sports Meeting of Women in Struggle, in Chiapas, Mexico by IXPOP.

– Dissemination during a training course on Women’s Human Rights from LAC organized by the Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales and WHRI, in Ecuador.


Expert Meeting on Indigenous Women Rights. Organized by:


– The Permanent Forum recommends CEDAW elaborate a specific GR on Indigenous Women.

– Dissemination during Regional Meetings in Asia and Africa.


– Dissemination during Regional Meetings in the Americas and Africa, where ECMIA and AIWO correspondingly led regional consultations to gather the priorities of Indigenous Women

– CEDAW Campaign by Regional Networks of Indigenous Women & MADRE & FIMI.


– ECMIA submits an input document to the CEDAW Committee to inform the development of the GR on Indigenous Women and Girls.

– AIWO organized a virtual meeting: “Africa Indigenous Women and CEDAW”.

-The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women held a virtual day of general discussion on the rights of indigenous women and girls, organized by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, where many Indigenous Women networks, including FIMI submitted comments to the draft GR.


– Regional consultations organized by CEDAW Committee, virtual and in-person for LAC.
They were organized by the National Institute for Women of Mexico (INMUJERES), UN Women, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Expert Committee of the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Committee), the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI), and UNICEF.

– FIMI, MADRE, OHCHR (through the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples) and RLS co-hosted a strategic dialogue with CEDAW experts within the framework of the 82nd session.

– CEDAW Committee adopted the long-awaited General Recommendation No. 39 on the Rights of Indigenous Women and Girls.


– Wide dissemination of the CEDAW GR39 among Indigenous Women’s organizations, donor community and Member States to encourage its effective implementation