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???? Raise your voice for change! ????????
Did you know you can use CEDAW General Recommendation 39 to empower yourself and spur positive transformations? Here’s how:

1️⃣ Raise Awareness: Shed light on the challenges you face and spread the word about them. Your stories have the power to ignite change.

2️⃣ Hold Governments Accountable: Use the reporting mechanism to demand accountability from your government. Ensure your voice is heard at the highest levels.

3️⃣ Advocate for Policies: Push for policies and programs that promote your rights. Let your voice be the catalyst for equality.

4️⃣ Identify Action Areas: Pinpoint specific areas where action is needed. Focus on combating gender inequality and address those challenges head-on.

5️⃣ Collaborate for Solutions: Work with other activists to develop solutions. Together, we can create a world where every challenge is met with a solution.

Join the movement and make your voice heard with CEDAW General Recommendation 39:
Together, we can build a brighter future of equality and empowerment. ???????????? #CEDAW #GenderEquality #StandUpForYourRights #WeAreIndigenous

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???????? Participate in CEDAW and make your voice heard! If your country reports, you have various ways to get involved:

✅ Submit relevant information to include in the list of issues.

✅ Prepare a shadow report and highlight the challenges faced by Women and Girls.

Together, we can make a difference. Be part of the change!

#CEDAW #Participation

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???????? Why is it important to have a General Recommendation for Indigenous Women and Girls in CEDAW?

✨???? By ratifying the convention, Member States have committed to respecting, protecting, promoting, and fulfilling the human rights of women in all circumstances.

???? CEDAW as a treaty, is binding for all countries that ratify it , which can bring about real changes in the daily lives of Indigenous Women and Girls and their communities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to read the General Recommendation and learn how to use it here:

#IndigenousWomen #CEDAW #HumanRights #WeAreIndigenous

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????✨ Discover the importance of the General Recommendation for Indigenous Women and Girls in CEDAW!

CEDAW is a mandatory agreement for ratifying countries , leading to real changes in our lives.

???? Read more about this vital tool here:

#CEDAW #IndigenousWomen #HumanRights

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????✊ CEDAW protects our rights as Indigenous Women and Girls!

???? A General Recommendation was recently adopted to strengthen our demands and proposals.
???? CEDAW is legally binding for States who have ratified it.
???? Learn how to use it to defend our collective and individual rights.

Discover more about CEDAW and the General Recommendation!
???? Click the link to get the details:
???? Join our community and spread this message

Together, we are stronger.
#IndigenousWomen #CEDAW #HumanRights #WeAreIndigenous

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Our participation in CEDAW committee meetings is fundamental to raise our voices and achieve significant changes!
✔️ We highlight our challenges and contributions.
✔️ We demand laws and policies be made with our consent.
Discover more in General Recommendation No. 39 here:

#CEDAW #IndigenousWomen #Participation #HumanRights

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???? CEDAW for Indigenous Women and Girls represents a crucial advancement in defending our individual and collective rights.

It’s time to turn words into concrete actions!

Discover how CEDAW provides us with tools to promote significant changes in our reality:

???? Explore the link to learn more about CEDAW and its impact on our lives.

#WeAreIndigenous #IndigenousWomen #CEDAW #HumanRights

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???? The CEDAW GR 39 for Indigenous Women and Girls is a crucial step forward in defending our individual and collective rights.

It’s time to turn words into concrete actions!

Learn about this legal tool here:

#WeAreIndigenous #IndigenousWomen #CEDAW #HumanRights

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???? Indigenous Women, Youth and Girls are agents of change, but we also face specific challenges that limit our access to equal opportunities. It’s time to break barriers and promote inclusion!

✨ The new CEDAW General Recommendation 39 recognizes our voices and specific needs. Thanks to CEDAW , Member States must take concrete measures to ensure our rights and protect us from any form of discrimination.

???? Join the change and learn about CEDAW’s General Recommendation for Indigenous Women and Girls. It’s time to inform ourselves, share, and use this powerful tool to achieve equality and justice.


Together, we can make a difference! ????

#IndigenousWomen #WeAreIndigenous #EqualRights #HumanRights

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✨ We are agents of change, but we face challenges that limit our equal opportunities.

???? Discover how the CEDAW, a mandatory international instrument, can be a powerful tool in achieving our individual and collective rights. Learn more here:

#AgentsOfChange #CEDAW #HumanRights